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NGL Season VI

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NGL Season VI

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NGL Season VI

Meet Your Makers.WC3 3
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May, 3rd 2006 the NGL ONE was announced by Freaks 4U. For the first season the best European teams in Counter-Strike 1.6 and international teams in Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne have been invited to compete in the NGL ONE and play for prize money and attendance fee of 66,000$. The league is played online on 9 matchdays and ends with an offline played final with the four best-ranked teams from the leauge. The offline finals will take place at the Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig Germany from August, 23 till August 27. If you want to get more information about the final event of the NGL ONE, please select the menu 'Finals'.

The Counter-Strike 1.6 Division offers a professional managed league system based on matchdays, known from other sport leagues. The Warcraft III Division is based on the same matchday system and offers a new elimination system for the competing WCIII teams. Each week the league administration is announcing a topmatch of the week, which will be broadcasted on Wednesday. Selected topmatches will be shown in the CineStar Original movie theatre at the Sony Center, Potsdamer Place in Berlin, Germany. To get an overview of the broadcasts, please go to the game's menu  and select 'Broadcasts'.

Season two of the NGL ONE will start shortly after the Games Convention. New teams will get the chance to apply for the qualification for season two and get invited to attend the qualifier event. Place 9 & 10 from the first season's rakings have to qualify again for season two to be able to attend. The second season will be extended, consisting of some more teams and more matchdays. Details upon the second season will be released during season one.

The NGL ONE is the first international competition arranged by Freaks 4U, while the team behind the league has deep knowledge about gaming competitions and professional project management. Back in 1997 NETZSTATT was founded and the first small regional competitions were organized with games like Unreal Tournament or Starcraft Broodwar. The NETZSTATT team organized a lot of German Championships for games like Counter-Strike or Warcraft III, generating a huge attention in the German eSports scene. Finally Freaks 4U founded the NETZSTATT Gaming League (NGL) as the most important LAN Party league in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2005 the NGL LAN League is limited to Germany again, being organized by FreaksX under the label NGL Germany.

Since 1997 the brand name NETZSTATT is established, now going the next step with the NGL ONE, a premiere league for the top teams, which  focusses on professional broadcasting to enable large audiences to join this gaming adventure. With its partners and sponsors the NGL ONE is aiming to be one of the most important and trend-setting international operating leagues with an expanding structure.
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Top NGL ONE Players
1. Sk.Lyn
2. WE.Pepsi.TeD
3. Moon
4. Soccer
5. ReMinD-
6. TH000
7. EG.Grubby
8. Focus
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