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Valuation plans that we build for clients Valuations VIC that are very effective plansare boring they are and and you.I'll say thiswith sensitivity and respect but someclients we see don't like their job oryeah a bit bored yep and so they insteadof going on the weekend bungee jumpingto get tothey want to get it through residentialreal estate.

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Real Esate Valuation collapse in as a Valuations QLD thousand dollar rebuild refix thatstuff is in our control so we try andmitigate risk as much as we can this isour defense application in our ABCD andpart of that should be that we get theprofessionals to take a look and sharetheir opinion to us very good becauseit's easy to walk through a property andget carried away with the emotionalpolitics it's good happy times how manytimes people go back to the property thepre-sale inspection you know a weekbefore seven they go oh buddy Matt it'sthat quick before yeah I didn't noticethat it was their blinkers weredifferent where I go through such inMelbourne here cuz bucks I mean shepretty cheap insurance her very cheapand you so that's about actual propertyrisk so there's assets selectionbuilding making shirts everything thereand then control how much in you knowcontrol can you have on it and then alsounderstanding what the neighbors areabout to do developments and thingssubdivision that's going to go on nextdoor and yeah also you know changes tothe street or whatever is going to occuryou just need to do your due diligencethe old DD word but a DD and I can't sayit's on it's a very Valuation is more investment Priority.

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A Beautiful picture maybe buy todayat five hundred grand in in or months it's it's reality and it's worth and you could almost get eightypercent finance and buy it for nothingyeah tell us about the pros and cons ofthat and the likelihood of that actuallyhappening Real Estate Buyers and Property Valuation people go to the casino toobut you know it's uh it's something thatbuying properties off the plane is notsomething that I'm an advocate of at allit's something.